Support your passion the smart way

Let your audience support your passionate work with one-time and subscription payments.

Join thousands of creators, businesses and non-profits

What is Fundmeon?

​Fundmeon is a modern subscription platform where you can create a page for anything - from a mom & pop bakery, your YouTube channel or an animal shelter on which your audience, fans, and donors can make one-time & subscription payments to you, allowing them to become active participants in the work they love.


In exchange, you get to avoid costs of complicated websites, payment integrations, spam emails and donate buttons... giving you more time to do your best work, and get income stability.

It's free, and only takes a few minutes

Let your audience pay you the smart way πŸ’‘

Fundmeon makes developing a stable revenue stream easier than ever. In just a few taps, your audience can make one-time payments or subscriptions to you. They don't even need an account!

Save time and money

Stop spending valuable time and money integrating complicated payment portals on your site. Focus on your passion, and let Us do the heavy lifting for you.

Sustain a monthly income stream

Whether you're a Non-Profit, artist, YouTuber, influencer, musician or creator - you can build a stable income stream on Fundmeon.

Donations made easy and convenient

Fundmeon provides a stable, convenient space for donors to directly support your Non-Profit and be part of a community.