Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Fundmeon?

Anyone with an audience. Youtubers, musicians, Non-Profits, podcasters, writers, artists, societies, businesses, Influencers, Instagrammers, you name it.

How do I get paid?

Payments are directly transferred to your PayFast account per every successful payment. We do not hold your money, and there is no minimums to get paid.

How can my audience pay?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Visa, Mastercard, Masterpass, SnapScan, Instant EFT, MobiCred, and SCode.

Is there a fee to use Fundmeon?

We don't charge a monthly fee to Fundmeon Free Plan users. All features including publishing, payment confirmation emails and accepting online payments are free for everyone. We charge a 6% platform fee for Fundmeon Free Plan users. We make money only when you do. We'll never show ads and we'll never sell your data. If you would like to reduce these fees or pay none at all, check out our premium plans.

Learn more about Fundmeon Premiuim Plans.

Is Fundmeon safe and reliable?

We take security seriously. Here are some measures we’ve taken to protect your and your supporter’s data.

  • We don’t store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by PayFast (PCI Compliance Level 1).
  • We take periodic backups, and force SSL encryption across the platform.
  • We make it easy for you to report issues to encourage responsible reporting of any security and safety issues, and we’re quick to take action.

Can I build a serious business using Fundmeon?

Yes, there are many creators, businesses and Non-Profits earning a significant income on Fundmeon. We will grow with you.

Why choose Fundmeon?

With Fundmeon, you get everything you need to receive online payments and showcase your business, creatives or Non-Profit. You don't have to worry about paying for and stitching together a dozen services, from sending emails to charging for subscriptions. We take care of all of that for you. We obsess over every bit of detail! From one-tap payments (no sign-ups required!) to a little touches across the platform to make using it a delightful experience for you and your audience. Thousands of Non-Profits, Creators, Influencers and Businesses choose Fundmeon as their go-to platform for enabling their audience to make one-time payments or subscribing for a monthly fee (of the audiences choice) to their page to show support.

How do I contact Fundmeon?

You can email us at or leave us a message on Feedback.

Do I pay any additional fees on the money paid out to my PayFast account?

No. You do not pay any additional fees on funds paid out to your PayFast account.

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