Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve

Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve

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Conservation, one step at a time.
Restoration. Education. Community.

The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) is a voluntary citizens’ initiative dedicated to the conservation of its region’s biodiversity, tied to the socio-economic development for the wellbeing of its peoples. Governed by members, it is a registered non-profit company with the tax status of a public benefit organisation. UNESCO has designated the region as a place of major biodiversity significance for the planet.

The GCBR aims to be a catalyst for change towards solving one of sustainable development’s biggest issues: the disconnection between people and nature. It offers a full range of action-oriented initiatives across six themes – Land & Landscapes; Water Resources; Biodiversity; Economic Diversity & Livelihoods; Knowledge, Learning & Education; and Institutions – all aimed at securing the future of our beautiful region.

Our Vision

To be nationally and internationally recognised and respected for our balanced approach to people and nature living in harmony;
The GCBR strives to become the desired collaborator for people and institutions in its domain.

Our Mission

“We champion people and nature living in harmony”
by people we mean all humans and their endeavours in our domain, whether on farms, in towns, in businesses;
by nature we mean the natural systems and resources on which our lives and livelihoods depend;
by harmony we mean the mutually beneficial interaction between people and nature.

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