Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA

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Since our establishment in 1997, we are committed to improve quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss, no matter their socio-economic status.

Our first project, the Eduplex School, started with the vision to make a difference in deaf education. At Eduplex, deaf children are included into mainstream society, where they learn alongside normal hearing children without using sign language, but acquire spoken language with the necessary support and communication therapy. With our fundraising initiatives, we support families with limited financial means by providing these disadvantage children with school bursaries to attend the Eduplex.

Our vision expanded rapidly, following our fundraising efforts to reimburse short fall amounts for children and adult patients of the Ear Institute South Africa, who are in need of cochlear implants when they don’t sufficiently benefit from normal hearing aids. We believe that the ability to hear and communicate creates independence and better educational outcomes to become a contributing member of society.

By implementing fundamental initiatives to embrace all areas of need at once, our programme is a combined concept of support which positively impacts all children and adults with hearing loss…a passport to a better, independent and sustainable future.

Hearing gives life!

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