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Legion Events NPO was founded in 2019 July. It is established and dedicated in working with vulnerable children and young adults in disadvantaged communities to develop their up bring. We believe in the necessity of transformation from early childhood in order to prevent and decrease poverty. Therefore through our implemented services we strive to make a difference daily.
We work together with other organization serving the purpose of humanity and kindness. Helping our children in ways we can such as providing warm meals, basic essentials and educational skills. We also implement the use of arts and culture to provide the children with after school activities.

Education and Arts and Culture
By implement the use of arts and culture in children’s lives helps to increase child development, self-confidence, social development and assurance. We empower children to grow in to positive aspects of themselves giving them the freedom to express who there are through arts and culture.

Soup Kitchens and Food Drive Campaigns
We providing warm nutritious meals across our communities with a mindset of reaching children that are in need of basic essentials. This allows us to provide food parcels to them and their families to ease the burden of poverty. There is no success on an empty stomach.

Young Life-Hood
We provide young adults with the skills and training to equipt themselves for better adulthood stages they are about to face in their lives. This include self-love programs, financial programs and business advice-programs.

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