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Save the Waterberg Rhino is a locally based community organisation which was started to help combat rhino poaching and protect rhinos, biodiversity and local communities from wildlife crime. We are a registered not for profit company (2016/163270/08) and not for profit organisation (199-430NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (930062037).
We are located in the Waterberg District of Limpopo, South Africa and cover an area of more than 2 million ha (4.9 million acres) of wildlife conservation area. Our core function is to raise funds to provide support for rhino protection and conservation and our vision is to create a safe and well conserved environment for rhino, other species and all residents within the Waterberg.

Our work includes; working with our stakeholders and providing funds to help combat poaching and illegal trade in rhino horn; helping to increase security measures in protected areas and expand that protection through community based approached; creating networks to maximise protection of rhino through sharing of expertise and resources as well as emergency security groups that help rhinos; promoting wildlife-based tourism that provides funds to conserve wildlife, creates jobs and brings income to local communities who live alongside wildlife; creating and promoting awareness of the rhino poaching crisis; and providing and creating focus on environmental education of rhinos to increase knowledge and understanding locally of why rhinos are important and why wildlife crime needs to stop.

What makes us different.
Funds raised are provided to well-known and connected entities that STWR works alongside. STWR is a grassroots organisation, set up and managed by local people that are/ were connected with rhino conservation and a large network of locally based stakeholders has been created so that locally based solutions could be determined and implemented.
Compared to international rhino charities and organisations, based overseas, our overheads are low and members of STWR Board, staff and stakeholders while having the privilege to see rhinos on a daily basis have also directly felt the impact of poaching because of being rhino owners or having friends or neighbours that have lost rhino to poaching.

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