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Good day, I am raising funds to start a Solar panel manufacturing factory in South Africa. My vision for this company is to be able to both manufacturer and install complete solar kits at a reasonable cost to the end user, We will be able to achieve this by firstly manufacturing locally, Secondly by importing the best quality inverters, solar geysers solar water pumps used for boreholes, solar energy storage modules (batteries) and other essential components of the solar system at the best price possible We will be creating 50 permanent positions, we will also be giving our employees full training. We will be able to supply our products at about a third of the cost cheaper than that of our imported opposition. The funds raised will go for purchasing the machinery for manufacturing the solar panels, purchase of land to build a factory and warehouse, and specialized electronic meters, and raw materials. As we all know with the state that the national Electricy producer ( ESCOM) is in with the constantly rising prices and loadsheding.Alternative energy production is the future. We will also be looking into possibly importing wind generated power options as well. We will be able to reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing solar power in the manufacturing of the solar panels. I do believe with the lower cost of locally manufactured solar panels, we would be supplying more to the rural areas ,thus bringing Electricy to places that had none before. We all know the benefits of ELECTRICY.

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Andrew Stuart Marr..

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