Charities: How to raise money for your charity online

Online virtual fundraising is one of the most popular ways for nonprofits to raise money. With the majority of daily activities taking place over the web, it’s no surprise that we’ve also observed a rise in virtual fundraising.

Giving your audience and supporters a modern central and secure space to donate to your charity is paramount to the effectiveness of your fundraising model.

A Fundmeon page for your charitable organisation, like any other social media account, is a must have for virtual fundraising.

This article will guide you on how to use increase your donations using virtual fundraising on Fundmeon and the benefits it offers to your organisation.

Modern & Easy Flowing Design

Impressions and visual appeal have a huge impact on peoples decision making. This can make or break a potential donors decision to donate to your organisation as well as increase or decrease the amount they are donating.

Fundmeon developers spend a huge amount of time on creating a visually appealing platform with a simple and easy flowing design that works perfectly on every device. So your potential donor goes from viewing your stunning Fundmeon page to the donation page and finally to completing their donation to you.


Having the correct tools at your disposal can have a significant impact on how effective your fundraising model is.

We understand this and that is why we provide you with social media tools, business tools and analytical tools so you can share your fundraiser to the world, write posts directly on your Fundmeon page for your supporters to read and stay informed, keep track of your donations in real time and view historical data to better plan for the future.

Donation Plans

It can be quite stressful to meet fundraising goals from month to month, especially when over 90% of donations are one-time donations - so you have to followup and constantly convince people to repeat a donation.

With a Fundmeon page for your organisation, that cat-and-mouse game is a thing of the past. Your donors can simple choose to make their donation on a monthly basis with a tap of a button. After that, their donation will be automatically processed every month and paid to you directly. No hassles, no reminders, no chasing. We take care of everything so your charitable organisation can have a stable monthly revenue stream.


Other fundraising and crowdfunding platforms require you to reach a minimum threshold before you can be paid out, and if you don't reach it, you get nothing. All your time and effort wasted. The worse part is, you have to do all of this before your fundraiser expires.

Not with Fundmeon. On Fundmeon you can withdraw your funds raised at any time, whether you want to do it every day or every 3 days or whenever you feel like, YOU CAN, regardless of the amount, and it is paid out directly to your South African bank account within 1-2 business days. The best part is, your Fundmeon page is continuous and never expires - so your donors can continue donating to your organisation no matter how many times you withdraw your funds - INFINITE DONATIONS, INFINITE WITHDRAWALS!

Get Started

All you need to start a Fundmeon page for your organisation is a valid email address, Google account or Facebook page and a valid South African bank account.

Start a Fundmeon page for your charitable organisation today!

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