How to get your first 10 subscribers!

We've created a simple 'How-to guide' for you to get your Fundmeon of the ground. In this article, we’ll share ways and tips you can do to get subscribers and begin generating a revenue stream.

1. Set up your Fundmeon page

Your Fundmeon page is your audiences window to your organisation. Keep it clean, concise, and descriptive. Make sure you have a high resolution profile picture for your page, and that you create at least one post upon creating your page welcoming your audience.

2. Mention your Fundmeon page everywhere

This is one of the most important steps to building your up your Fundmeon.

Promoting your page means getting out there, being seen time and time again by your audience and followers.

Add your Fundmeon link to the following places

  1. Your website

  2. The bottom of your email signature

  3. Your Instagram bio

  4. Your Facebook page

  5. Your Twitter bio

  6. Your YouTube channel and video descriptions

  7. Add your Fundmeon link to every source available

Points 1 and 2 aim to set up your Fundmeon page, website and emails and social media. These should be set up before moving on to the next steps which focus on directing your audience to your Fundmeon and encouraging them to become a supporter.

3. Tap into your existing supporters

Don't be afraid to ask your existing supporters whom may have been making payments or donations to you by other means such as EFT or Cash to switch to now making payments or donations online via your Fundmeon page.

This would be an excellent starting point to gain traction and will add authenticity to your Fundmeon page, easing the minds of new potential supporters to make a payment or donation.

4. Promote your Fundmeon

This is the single most important tip that will lead to the success of your Fundmeon.

If you have a social media presence and you're not using it to promote your Fundmeon, you're doing it wrong. People who know you and are familiar with what you're doing are more likely to support you. This goes back to point 3 regarding tapping into your existing audience.

If you have a mailing list, use it to inform your audience that you're now on Fundmeon and that they can easily keep up with what you're working on and support you directly via your Fundmeon page.

Many marketers believe that people need to see something at least 7 times before they buy or subscribe to something. So your approach should be widespread and repetitive cover rather than just one-off. You have to build it into your business model. Promoting your Fundmeon may be uncomfortable at first, but it will become more natural overtime such as other call-to-actions like "subscribe to my YouTube channel."

Regularly encourage your audinece to support you, your business, organisation or cause with a direct, yet friendly, call-to-action.

5. Avoid spamming or coming across as forceful.

Let your audience make the decision themselves, pressure-free, to subscribe and then continue that support.

Be sincere, honest and open when encouraging your audience to support you, your business, organisation or cause.

For a lot of supporters, it can feel like they are doing a good thing. Supporting someone, a business or organisation they admire and want to help out. If you spam or be too forceful, you take that away from them.

6. Gratitude

Fundmeon is a personal thing. It is someone directly supporting you, your business, organisation or cause out of their own fruition. So make sure your responses are equally personal.

Keep track of the names of the people that support you (for those supporters whom choose to share their names) and acknowledge their support on social media, as a means of showing how important their support is. This is just one way to show your supporters how important they are to you. If you have other ways, go for it!

Be genuine and grateful. It is important to remind yourself of how valuable your Fundmeon supporters are in making your goal or dream a reality. Always try and think of ways you can show them this.

7. Final thoughts

Remember, your audience don't owe you anything. However, if you can enrich their lives or community, and making them feel as though they are invested in your success, business, organisation or cause and making them feel that they are making a positive impact, your Fundmeon can be a winning proposition for everybody.

Implement this guide and you will be well on your way on developing a stable and significant revenue stream!

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